The Happy Prince

This is the short story of The Happy Prince. Once, there was a statue of a prince. It was a statue with a ruby in his sword and emerald eyes. It was a statue with golden clothes. One day, on the way South, a sparrow stopped by the statue. He was tired and sleepy. So, he spent one night on the statue.

The next morning, sparrow saw something strange. The prince was crying. The sparrow asked, “What’s the matter with you?” The prince said, “I see a little boy sick in bed. He has no mommy, no food. Can you take my ruby to the boy, please!” The sparrow felt sorry and said, “Yes, I will.” The sparrow took the ruby and flew to the boy. He dropped it on the boy’s bed. The sparrow felt great and he said, “Get well soon!”

The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince-

The next morning, the prince said, “I see a young man crying at the bench. He wants to be a painter, However, He has no money to buy the paint. Can you take my eye to the young man, please!” The sparrow had to leave soon but he said, “I will go.” He took the emerald and flew to the young man and he left it by the young man on the bench. The sparrow felt great and he said, “Be a great painter!”

The next day, the prince said, “I see a little girl selling matches in the street. However, she has no coat, or shoes. She has no one to take care of her. Can you take my other eye to the girl?” It was getting cold. The sparrow was late to leave but he said, “I will.” The sparrow took the emerald. He flew to the match girl and he left the emerald in the girl’s basket. The sparrow saw the girl smiling and he said, “I am so happy.”

The prince had no eyes anymore. The sparrow felt sorry for the prince. So he said, “I can’t leave you. I’ll stay here with you.” From that day on, the sparrow became the eyes for the prince. Every morning, the sparrow looked over the town. When he saw someone needed help, he told the prince. He took part of the gold from the prince and he gave it to those who were in need.

A cold, cold winter came. Now, the prince had nothing to share and the sparrow died in peace underneath the prince. The people in town buried the sparrow, broke up the statue and put the statue into the fire. The prince and the sparrow passes away. However, there beautiful hearts got together in the heaven and they lived happily ever after.

Here is a short visual depiction of “The Happy Prince“. See the video story below,

The Happy Prince Short Story Video