The Hare And The Elephant King

This is one of the awesome Kids Panchatantra Stories to read. In the summer when the lake dried up, a herd of elephants went looking for of the water. Their King led them to a river. Now, some hares lived around the river. They were very happy with their lives. When the elephants went to drink, they stepped on the burrows of the rabbits. Some of the rabbits had lost their lives, too.

“I must do something,” said a clever, old hare. “I will talk to the elephant King but if I go too close, he may step on me and I will die.” So, he climbed to the top of the hill and spoke to the elephant King from there. “Who are you?” asked the Elephant King, hearing the voice from the above. “I have come from the Moon God,” said the hare. “What does he say?” asked the Elephant King. “He is very angry. You are killing the hares that have taken care of the river from ages.” You may also like to read, Hare And Tortoise Story.

kids panchatantra stories

kids panchatantra stories

Image Source@ “He is very angry. You are killing the hares that have taken care of the river from ages.” “Oh, I am sorry! We did not want to hurt them. Please forgive us,” said the Elephant King. “The Moon God will forgive you but you must lead your herd from here,” said the hare. “I will do so at once,” said the scared Elephant King.

At night, the Elephant King walked carefully to the river. He bowed to the Moon that he saw in the moving water. “The Moon God is indeed angry. I can see him shaking with anger,” said the Elephant King to the other elephants. He led his herd away.

“Thank you for saving us! How did you do it?” the other hares asked. “I just used my intelligence to help my people,” said the old hare. You may also like to read, The Elephant And The Tailor Story.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the Kids Panchatantra Stories“The Hare And The Elephant King”. See the video story below,

Kids Panchatantra Stories Video