The Horse And The Donkey

This is one of the amazing animal stories for kids with morals. Once upon a time, there lived a washerman. He washed people’s clothes for money. He had a horse and a donkey. One day, the washerman had loaded his donkey with the heavy bundle of clean clothes, while the horse carried nothing. The load on the donkey was very heavy.

After some time, he decided to ask for help from the horse. So, he requested the horse, “Brother! The load is killing me. Please, will you share some of it?” The horse said, “Why should I? We horses are meant for riding and you donkeys are meant for carrying heavy loads.” You may also read,The Foolish Donkey.

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The donkey kept walking for a long while. Eventually, the donkey fell down exhausted by the heavy load. Then, the washerman realized his mistake. He gave water to the donkey and transferred the entire load of clothes onto the horse’s back.

The horse thought to himself, “I should have listened to the donkey and accepted the half of the load. Now, I will have to carry the entire load to the market!” The horse carried the load for the rest of the distance. He promised himself to always help those who are in need. Now, the horse and the donkey are best of friends and also, they share their work.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the awesome animal stories for kids,“The Horse And The Donkey Story”. See the video story below,

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