The King And His Third Minister

This is one of the great bedtime moral stories for kids. Long, long time ago, there lived a clever King. The King wanted to appoint a new minister for his Kingdom and so he decided to test the wisdom of his three ministers. He wanted to choose one among them as his chief minister.

He called all three ministers to his chamber and said, “I want all three of you to bring as many young animals as you can from the forest. I want them in the royal zoo. All of you have one day for this task.” He wanted to check how intelligent each of them could be. You may also like to read, The Good Side Of Things.

bedtime moral stories for kids

bedtime moral stories for kids

Soon, all the three ministers set out in search of the young animals. They went to as many forests as they could. After one day, the first and the second minister brought four to five young elephant calf, two bear cubs, and two tiger cubs. On the other hand, the third minister returned empty-handed. The King was surprised when he saw the third minister empty-handed.

The King asked the third minister, “Why have you return empty-handed?” To this, the third minister said, “Your Highness, these animals are too young to be separated from their mothers. In fact, their mothers would also miss them terribly. I did not have the heart to do this.” The King smiled and he knew he got his minister.

The King said, “I am glad that you were so thoughtful about these animals. I was only testing the three of you.” The King appreciated all the three ministers. But the third minister took his heart. Because of the third minister’s kind gesture, the King declared him to be the chief minister of the Kingdom. Also, read A Foe In Disguise Of A Friend.