The Last Leaf Story

The Last Leaf Story has been adapted from the works of O. Henry. Once upon a time, there lived two artists called Sue and Johnsy. Now, both of them shared an apartment and were painters.

Suddenly, Johnsy became bedridden with pneumonia. The disease took many patients in the city and infected others. When the doctor came to visit Johnsy, he told Sue, “The condition is quite bad. Johnsy seems to have lost all will to live.” Upon hearing this, Sue brought her painting materials and other things from Johnsy’s room. Also, read The Giving Tree Story.

the last leaf story

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Sue made some soup, but Johnsy refused to have any. “Five” she muttered. When Sue ask what Johnsy meant, she explained. “There are only five leaves left on the tree now. When the last leaf falls, I shall go with it.” Hearing this, Sue panicked. She went to Mr. Behrman, another artist and a drunkard, who was also their neighbor.

“What?” bellowed Mr. Behrman. “What is this nonsense? I haven’t painted my masterpiece yet! We have so much to do,” he yelled angrily. After all, he wanted his friend to live happily. With a brief conversation, Sue returned and began working.

She worked all through the night and kept a watch on Johnsy. Over the next few days, it rained terribly. Hail storms and thunderstorms came and went, but the last leaf on the tree held on stubbornly. Every day, Johnsy would look out, and wake up the next day to see the same stubborn, lone leaf on the empty branches of the tree.

Then, one day, Johnsy said to Sue, “I realize now that I have been a bad girl. I will not lose hope easily ever again. Living a life is hard and I will continue to do so, the last leaf taught me many things. The best of all, it taught me to live!” Also, read Two Boys And The Tree.

Soon the doctor came to visit, and he had nothing but good news. Before going he told Sue, “I have another case in this building. His name is Mr. Behrman. The man was found drenched and his materials were outside in the rain. His condition is not well, he might not live.”

Some days later the news of Mr. Behrman’s passing away came. Johnsy, still recovering, was informed by Sue. She also told her, “The last leaf on the tree, was, in reality, a painting. One night, Mr. Behrman painted it, so that you could live and find your will to live. The last leaf is his eternal gift to you and his final masterpiece.” Johnsy never gave up after that! You may also like to read, The Pine Tree And The Reed.

Here is a short visual depiction of “The Last Leaf Story. See the video story below,

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