The Legend Of The Christmas Rose

This is one of the best short Christmas bedtime stories for kids. Once upon a time, long ago, the day when Jesus was born, an angel came to see the shepherds. The very same shepherd who led the three great kings also told the shepherds of the newborn, “King of Peace.”

The Magi and the three great kings came with their beautiful gifts. When the shepherds heard of the new king, they wanted to meet this boy, this newborn king of peace. Before they went to see the new lord, they took their presents. As they were shepherds, they took honey, fruits, and white doves as offerings. Also, read Birth Of Jesus.

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While the kings brought beautiful yet precious gifts. All the shepherds left their flocks and ran to see the child. All of them took their gifts. Among them, there was a young shepherdess. Now, she was tending to her family’s flocks. When she heard of the baby king, her heart became full to the brim with love and devotion, and faith.

So, she decided to go see the baby in the manager. She walked down the hills and saw the three kings enter the manger where baby Jesus was being taken care of by Mary and Joseph. When she came closer, she could not gather the will to enter.

You see, all the others came bearing gifts. And this poor shepherdess had nothing to offer to baby Jesus. So, she looked around the hills. Up and down she went, but she could find nothing. In the end, she began crying bitterly. She felt ashamed because she could not find anything for baby Jesus. Also, read The Little Christmas Tree.

When the angel, who called every one, saw the poor little shepherdess cry, the angel understood why she was crying. “Do not cry my child,” the angel said. When the girl looked up, the angel spoke again. “Do not cry because you have no gifts, there is nothing better than blossoms given with love and that which springs to life from the bed of tears.”

And with that, the angel touched the ground, and a bed of beautiful roses sprang up. The shepherdess took the blossoms and went to see baby Jesus with a smile. You may also like to read, Sir Cleges And The Christmas Cherries.

ere is a short visual depiction of one of the bestshort Christmas bedtime stories “The Legend Of The Christmas Rose. See the video story below,

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