The Miser And His Gold

This is one of the best short story with moral lessonfor kids. Once upon a time, there was a Miser. He hated spending gold so he never used any gold he had. He had dug up a hole and used to buried the gold near the tree in his garden. Everyday, he goes near the tree to dig it up and look at the gold happily. “I am so rich! I own this much gold,” he said merrily. This made him very happy.

One day a passerby saw him digging up and happened to see the gold hidden by him. “Gold under the tree! I should wait till it gets dark.” the passerby wondered. The robber waited till the night time to dig up the gold. He took all the gold buried under the tree.

short story with moral lesson

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The next day, the miser came back to look at his gold. “Where is my gold? Where is my gold?” he cried. The miser dug a big hole where he used to hide his gold. But he could not find any gold in the hole. “Who stole my gold?” the miser cried loudly. Listening to the miser’s crying, all his neighbours came running to his house. “What happened? Why are you upset?” asked one of his neighbours. The miser showed them the hole and told them everything about the gold he used to hide under the tree.

A man asked if he had ever spent any of his gold. He replied, “No! I would only dig it up. Looking at it made me happy!” “You have never used anything at all? The gold was of no use to you because you had it in the ground. Just look into the gold and think that the gold is still inside it. Than you can be as happy as you were before.” said his neighbour friend. All his friends started to laugh and left him with the empty hole.


Here is a short visual depiction of the short story with moral lesson for kids, “The Miser And His Gold“. See the video story below,

The Miser And His Gold Story Video