The Old Witch

This is one of the funny short Halloween stories for kids. There once lived a little girl. The girl was obstinate and disobedient. She got into a lot of trouble, and whenever elders spoke to her, she was never happy. Read more stories of witches here.

One day she decided she would go and see the old witch. So she went to her mother and said, “I am going see the old witch. I have heard so much about her,” she told her mother, “People say she is a marvelous woman and has many fascinating things. I would like to see them.”

short halloween stories for kids

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At once, her mother forbade her from doing any such thing. “The old witch is a wicked woman,” the mother said, “She performs Godless deeds,” her father said. But, the little girl had made up her mind. She decided to go anyway. When she reached the cottage where the witch lived, the witch asked “Why are you so pale, dear?

The little girl was trembling with fear, “I saw a black man at your door.” “Oh,” the witch said, “It was a collier.” “Then I saw a gray man,” the little girl said. “Ah, that was a sportsperson,” replied the witch. “Next I saw a blood-red man,” said the little girl, trembling with fear. “I see,” the old witch said to the little girl, “that should be the butcher.”

Then the girl paused for a moment before speaking, “Oh, but the most terrifying of all was when I peeked in through the window.” She stopped looking at the witch, she continued, “I… I did not see you. But I saw a creature with a fiery head.” The little girl finished. You may also like, The Witch’s Wall.

The witch was amused. Then she calmly said to the frightened little girl, “For you, I have been waiting!” The old witch gave out a wicked laugh and continued; “You have seen the witch in her proper dress!” she crackled. “You shall give me the light!” and with that, she changed the little girl into a block of wood.