The Otters And The Wolf

This is one of the best short animal stories for kids. Long ago, in a dense forest, there lived a wolf and his wife. They loved each other very much and were happy. One day, the wolf’s wife said, “I am craving to eat fresh fish today.” The wolf immediately said, “Well then, I will go fishing.” So, the wolf went down to the river. But, he did not know how to catch a fish. Also, read The Fox And The Wolf.

Just then, he saw two otters dragging out a huge fish from the river. They put the fish on the ground and stood to look at it wondering how to divide it. The first Otter said, “I want the half with the head.” The second Otter was not pleased and said, “No, I want the head! You always get the head.” This argument went on for a long time and the wolf sat behind the tree, listening to the silly Otters.

short animal stories

short animal stories

Image He then came up with a plan to get the fish from the Otters. So, he went up to the Otters and said, “My dear friends, why are you fighting? What’s the matter?” Just as the wolf had expected, the Otters turned to him and said, “Oh, Wolf! We are unable to divide this fish between us. Will you do it for us?” The wolf smiled and replied, “Of course! Nothing will make me happier. I will divide it equally!”

The cunning wolf then cut off the head and the tail of the fish and gave the Otters a piece each. The Otters were pleased. “He’s fair! Now lets you see how you divide the body of the wolf,” they said. The wolf looked at the Otters and said, “Divide the boy! Why? That is my payment for helping you!” and he ran home with the best portion of the fish.

The poor Otters could not do anything. They just said, “This is our punishment for being greedy and not trusting each other. We will never make this mistake ever again.” Also, read Peter And The Wolf Story.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the best short animal stories for kids, “The Otters And The Wolf”. See the video story below,

Short Animal Stories Video