The Proud Lioness

This is one of the most amazing panchatantra stories with moral for kids. Long long ago in the animal kingdom, there lived a very pretty lioness. Her husband, the lion was the king of the jungle. While her husband was a kind and gentle king, she was very proud. She refused to talk to other animals in the jungle. There were very friendly monkeys who always used to greet her. But she never greeted them. The monkeys were very upset with such behavior.

One day, after a nap, the queen found that her children are missing. She looked for them everywhere but she could not find them anywhere. It began to become dark and the queen was very worried. She went to the monkey tree and called out, “Monkey! Have you seen my children?” The monkeys replied, “Who? Are you talking to us?”

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Hearing this, few of the animals gathered around. “Can you help me, Deer?” she cried. The deer said, “No queen! I am such a worthless animal. How can I help you!” The lioness went to beer and asked for help. The beer said, “Did you not tell your children to stay away from ugly animals like me!” She started to cry loudly as no one was helping her, This was because the lioness was very proud of herself and she never helped others.

Finally, the lioness realized her mistake and said, “This is my fault. I have been very cruel to all of you. I am sorry! I didn’t realize how important it is to have a friend.” As she used to ignore other animals, the same was happening to her when she asked for help.

The other animals felt sad for the crying lioness. “Don’t worry queen! We shall help you find your children,” the beer said. The fox told the lioness that they only wanted the lioness to realize how bad they felt. The lioness said sorry. Together, all the animals looked for the cubs. They searched for the cubs everywhere. And finally, the giraffe found the baby cubs playing with baby snail and baby tortoise. The mother and her children were once again united. She loved her children and promised all the other animals that she would always help them.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the most amazing panchatantra stories with moral, “The Proud Lioness Story”. See the video story below,

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