The Queen Of Hearts

The Queen Of Hearts is a nursery rhyme written in the English Language. It is based on the characters in the deck of playing cards. Originally this nursery rhyme had a few more stanzas, like “The King of Clubs”, “The King of Diamonds” and “The King of Spades”. The author of this poem is yet unknown. Also, read Teddy Bear Poem.

Though there have been speculations that the other stanzas were later additions and not a part of the original version. Read and sing along!

The Queen Of Hearts Poem

the queen of hearts

the queen of hearts

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The Queen of Hearts
She made some tarts,
All on a summer’s day.
The Knave of Hearts,
He stole the tarts,
And took them clean away.

The King of Hearts,
Called for the tarts,
And beat the Knave full sore.
The Knave of Hearts
Brought back the tarts,
And vowed he’d steal no more.

Another Different Version

The Queen of Hearts,
She made some tarts
Upon a summer day;
The Knave of Hearts,
He stole those tarts,
And took them quite away.

The King of Hearts,
He missed those tarts.

And beat the knave full sore;
The Knave of Hearts
Brought back those tarts,
And vowed he’d steal no more.


This rhyme revolves around the Queen of Hearts, the King of Hearts and the Knave, Jack. Now, the nursery rhyme begins with the Queen of hearts baking some tarts. These tarts were being baked for the king. But when the Queen of Hearts had set them aside to cool, the Knave of Hearts stole these tarts and ran away. Also, read An Apple A Day Rhyme.

In the next stanza, the King of Hearts calls for the tarts. But soon he learned that the Knave of Hearts had stolen the tarts the Queen had made for the King. Now, the King of Hearts was angry. He then caught the Knave of Hearts and punished him. After the punishment, the Knave of Hearts returned the tarts. And he promised never to steal.