The Sparrow And The Elephant

This is one of the most amazing moral kids stories online. A sparrow couple lived on a branch of a blackberry tree. The couple had a comfortable nest where they lived happily. After some time, the female sparrow laid eggs. The couple was very happy. They were waiting for the arrival of their babies eagerly.

One day, a mighty elephant came wandering near the blackberry tree. The elephant liked the leaves of the blackberry tree, so he lifted his trunk above to pull down a branch of the tree. The sparrows saw the elephant who was about to pull the branch. They screamed, “Oh! Mighty Elephant! Please don’t pull the branch. Our nest is built on this tree and there are eggs in the nest. We are anxiously waiting for our babies to come out. If you disturb this tree, then our nest will fall down destroying the eggs.” Read more awesome short stories with morals here.

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The arrogant elephant did not pay any heed to the couple and said, “I don’t bother what happens to your nest, I need to eat.” He pulled out a big branch, as apprehended the nest came down and all the eggs were broken. The couple cried bitterly. The careless elephant enjoyed the leaves and went away from there quietly.

The sparrow couple was angry and revengeful. The couple went to seek help from their other tiny friends. The sparrow cried bitterly and said, “The arrogant elephant has broken our eggs.” The crow couple, the frog, and the ant consoled the sparrow couple. The crow said, “Don’t cry, my friend! We can teach a lesson to that arrogant elephant.” All of them sat together and made a plan to teach the elephant a lesson, for his arrogance.

The next day the sparrow and his small friends went in search of the elephant. They saw the elephant and started attacking him. The ant swiftly entered into the elephant’s ear and started droning. The continuous droning in the ear made the elephant dizzy and fell down. Now it was the turn of the crow couple to attack. You may also like — The Crow And The Peacock Story.

The crow couple, who were sitting on the tree swooped down fast and pecked the elephant in both the eyes with the sharp beaks making him blind. The elephant cried aloud in pain. The elephant was totally baffled by these sudden attacks. His throat and mouth were parched, so he ran down towards the lake with his blind eyes,

Now, it was the turn of the frog. The frog jumped to near a huge ditch and started croaking aloud. Hearing the croaking, the blind elephant thought that he was close to the lake and went in the direction of the ditch. The very next moment, he was down inside the ditch and died soon. The sparrow couple and their friends had taught a lesson to the mighty elephant.

MORAL: Intelligence is mightier than bravery.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the best moral kids stories, “The Sparrow And The Elephant“. See the video story below,

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