The Tower Room

This is one of the spooky stories for kids to read. This story has been adapted from the original works of E. F. Benson’s, “ The Room in the Tower”. Long ago, there lived a man. This young man had a recurring nightmare. In the dream, the young man was always visiting a school friend of his, Jack Stone. The friend’s house is grim and silent.

Unexpectedly, the man had to stay the night at Jack’s house, due to a thunderstorm. So, his friend’s mother, Mrs. Stone offers the room in the tower to the young man. For some reason, the poor man is extremely scared of the room. In his dreams, he never sees the room. The young man had a friend named Clinton. Soon, the young man was to visit Clinton’s house. The young man was surprised at the remarkable resemblance of his dream and Clinton’s house. The only differences the man could see were the names and personalities of Clinton and his family members. Also, read The Witch’s Wall.

spooky stories for kids

spooky stories for kids

Image Source–> However, the young man’s visit was a pleasurable one, unlike his dreams. As a storm had started to gather outside by the evening Mrs. Clinton said to the young man, “Jack shall take you to your room.”. As soon as he heard this, he knew nothing good would come out of it. Inside the room, he found an old painting of a woman. “Let’s move it out of the room,” the man suggested to Clinton.

The young man and his friend carried the painting out of the room. When they return they find blood on their hands. “Are you hurt?” Clinton asks. It turned out that none of them had been hurt. They both went to bed unsettled.

During the night, the storm became worse. A strong thunder clap awoke the young man. The man found Mrs. Stone’s figure looming above him. The man jumped out of his bed in fright. In the darkness, he could hardly see a thing. Another thunder clap and the room was illuminated with a bright light. There, on the wall, hung the portrait of the old Mrs. Stone, that had been taken out of the room earlier. It was old and moldy.

“I knew you would come,” Mrs. Stone said icily. “Tonight I shall feast upon you, then we shall feast together. ” Mrs. Stone began to walk towards him, the man was trembling. Somehow, he gathered all his strength and pushed the woman away. After that, he ran to Clinton’s room as fast as he could.

“Her,” the man spoke in a shaky voice, “the woman from the portrait is in my room. The po… portrait is inside the room as well.” The young man was as white as a sheet. Clinton only laughed at his friend and said, “It must be a dream.”

But Clinton too had the same look on his face when he went inside his friend’s room. The room had dirt all over the floor and a pungent smell had filled the room. Then, Clinton and the man ran away from the house without looking back.

Spooky Stories For Kids

Shortly, after this incident, a newspaper article was published reporting a peculiar happening in a certain churchyard. A coffin buried in the churchyard would always come back to the surface in the mornings. After three days, it was decided that the body in the coffin shall be buried in unhallowed grounds. Instantly, the strange phenomenon came to an end. When the coffin was dug up, it had been full of blood. Also read, The Headless Horseman.