The Two Pots

This is an amazingPot Story for kids.A lady goes to buy pots with her family. From there, she brings two pots. The two pots live together in a nice house. One of them was strong and was made of brass. The other was weak and was made of glass. Also, read The Magic Porridge Pot.

One day, the flood comes. Both the pots cannot hold them against the water and so they swim with its flow. The water takes the two pots away. The pots are floating together in the water. The pot which is strong is enjoying while the pot which was weak was very scared. “This is fun,” says the strong pot. “Be careful! Don’t break me!” says the weak pot. “No!” says the weak pot.

pot story

pot story

Image Source–> “I am fun and I am nice to everyone!” says the strong pot. “You are not careful! You will break me. I am not strong like you,” says the weak pot. The strong pot is very sad as he wants to be the friends with the weak pot. But the weak pot knows that their friendship will be life threating for him.

The weak pot knows that the strong make good friends for the strong. They are good together. The weak make good friends for the weak. They are careful when they are together. The weak pot then says, “Please keep as far away from me as you can. It is you I am afraid of! For whether the flood knocks me against you or you against me, I shall be the one to break. So please let us not come near each other!” Both of them change the direction and goes to the opposite direction. Also, read I’m A Little Teapot Song.


Here is a visual depiction of this amazingPot Story for Kids,“The Two Pots”. See the video story below,

Pot Story Video