The Tyrant Wolf

This is one of the amazing Fables Short Stories With Moral Lesson for children. Once upon a time, there lived a little lamb. One day, the poor little lamb lost its way and was separated from his herd.

After searching in vain for his herd, the poor little lamb grew thirsty. So, he found a river to quench his thirst. Now, a wolf happened to be drinking some water from the same river. The wolf immediately saw the little lamb and decided to make the lamb his breakfast. You may also like to read, The Wolf And The Lamb.

fables short stories with moral lesson

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“You,” he called out to the lamb. “How dare you dirty the water I am drinking? Because you paddled in the river, now all the mud has been stirred. You need to be punished for this!”

“I understand what you are saying,” the lamb said. “But sir, it pains me to point out that you are upstream and I am downstream. So it isn’t possible for me to muddy your water.” But the wolf was not ready to hear anything.

So, he said, “But you did. And I heard that you had been telling lies about me last year.” “But sir, I wasn’t born last year. You must be mistaken,” said the little lamb. By now the wolf was growing impatient and he said, “then it must be your brothers who told lies about me.”

The lamb said, “But I do not have any brothers.” The wolf snarled and said, “I am sure it was someone from your family. But I do not care who it was. Anyway, I don’t intend to miss my breakfast.” And with that, the wolf seized the little lamb by his neck and ran off into the woods. Also, read The Boy Who Cried Wolf Summary.

You see, ever since the beginning, the wolf had no intention of letting the little lamb go. He had already planned on eating the lamb.