The Woodpecker, Tortoise, and Antelope

This is one of the best short story about friendship with moral for kids. Once upon a time, there lived three friends , an antelope, a woodpecker and a tortoise. One day, while the antelope was roaming in the forest, two hunters laid a trap for him and returned home. When the antelope came to drink water at the lake after dark, he got caught in the trap. He cried for help and hearing his cry, the woodpecker flew to him and the tortoise swam to him. Also, read Hare and Tortoise Story.

Immediately, the tortoise started biting the net while the woodpecker flew towards the hunter’s hut. At dawn, as the hunters came out of the hut, the woodpecker flew straight towards the first hunter and hit him on the face. “Some bird of ill omen has struck me!” thought the hunter and returned to the hut. Also, read The Clever Tortoise.

short story about friendship with moral

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After a while, both hunters attempted to come out but met the same fate. “We will go when the day has risen,” said the second hunter. Hearing this, the woodpecker returned to his friends. By now, the hunters too had started for the lake. “Here comes the hunters!” cried the woodpecker. By this time, the tortoise had nearly gnawed all the strings. Seeing that, the antelope burst the net and rushed into the forest, the woodpecker flew away while the tortoise went below the water.

The hunters, lamenting their fate returned to their hut carrying the broken net. Also, read The Arrogant Flowerpecker.

MORAL OF THE STORY : True friends always help each other.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the short story about friendship with moral for kids, “The Woodpecker, Tortoise, and Antelope”. See the video story below,

Short Story About Friendship With Moral Video