Three Things!

Three Things is one of the great inspirational poems about life for all those who miss out the most important three things in their lives.Bedtime Short Stories presents to you the original inspirational poem for all the lovely readers out there. In the world which is full of hustle and bustle, we miss out some things which are prior to us.

This is a poem about all those three things which are valuable to every human being and about those three things which are the part of everyone’s life. But at some point of time, the person starts neglecting those three things which are most precious in his entire life. Let’s remember all the three things with which our life will be incomplete. Here you go!

Inspirational Poems About Life

inspirational poems about life

inspirational poems about life

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Three things never wait for anyone,
Time, Death, and Age.
Three things we get once in a life,
Father, Mother, and Childhood.

Three things we must remember to progress in life,
God, Education, and Hard Work.
Three things which are the most integral part of our lives,
Teachers, Parents, and Friends.

Three things we must avoid,
Selfishness, Laziness, and Bad Company.
Three things we should never forget,
Duty, Dedication, and Discipline.

Three things to respect,
Old Age, Religion, and Law.
Three things to love,
Honesty, Purity, and Truth.

Three things to value,
Time, Wealth, And Money.
Three things to watch,
Words, Behavior, and Character.

Three things to govern,
Tongue, Temper, and Action.
Three things to prevent,
Idleness, Falsehood, and Slangs.

Three things to stick to,
Promises, Cheerfulness, and Contentment.
Three things to use carefully,
Pen, Sword, and Knowledge.

Summary Of Inspirational Poems About Life:

The three things which never wait for someone are the time, death and age as the time and age never stops, the death can come anytime. The three things which we get once in the lifetime are the father, mother and the childhood days as they can never get changed. You may also like to read,The Brave Little Kite.

To progress in live, everyone should remember three things, that is, god, education and hard work because that’s the only path to the real success.Three things which are the most important in everyone’s life are parents, teachers, and friends because parents and true friends are always there for your good and bad times. And the teachers are important as they provide all the knowledge which help us to stand ourselves and make a good career.

Those three things which we should avoid are selfishness, laziness, and bad company as they will take you nowhere in your life. The three things we should never forget in our lives are the duty, dedication, and discipline as they are the key to success. We should respect the religion, law and the old aged people. The three things which are to be loved by humans are honesty, purity, and truth.

The three things which are to be valued forever are time, wealth, and money as time, wealth and money once spent never comes back. As the human beings, the most important things that we should watch are the words, behavior, and the character of ourselves. Also, read The Road Not Taken Summary.

Three things which we should control is our tongue, temper and the actions because action speaks louder than words. We should prevent idleness, falsehood, and slang one another. The three things we must stick to are promises that we make, cheerfulness, and happiness. We should spread happiness all around so that we develop healthy environment. Pen, sword, and knowledge are the three things which should be used carefully because once you have written something with a pen, it can never get removed, once you use the sword, the mark of the cut will always remain, and words without appropriate knowledge are always harmful.