Too Much Candy

This is one of the best Halloween stories online about Jay and his family. They are getting ready for Halloween. Jay’s mom is on the steps. She’s making a Halloween costume for Jay. Jay and his dad are decorating the front porch. There is a scarecrow on the swing, spiders in the corner, and paper bats hanging from the ceiling.

Now, it is time to carve jack-o’-lantern. They cut out the top, pull out the seeds, and finally cut out the face. There are two circle eyes, a triangle nose, and three square teeth. They put the jack-o’-lantern on the table on the front porch next to a big, scary bowl of candy. But, Jay’s mom and dad tell Jay, “You can have only one piece of candy each day!” Jay is not happy.

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The next morning, Jay wakes up and remembers the candy. He puts on his backpack and gets ready to go to school. As he walks out the door, he grabs a big handful of candy and runs to school. When he comes home, something is different. The jack-o’-lantern is different. The eyes are a little scarier, the nose is a little smaller and the teeth are a little sharper. “What’s happening?” Jay scratched his head.

The next morning when Jay goes to school, he takes another big handful of candy and runs to school. When he comes back, the jack-o’-lantern is even scarier. The eyes are scarier, the nose is smaller and the teeth are sharper than before. “What’s happening?” little Jay thought.

The next morning when Jay goes to school, he grabs another big handful of candy and runs to school. But when he comes home, the jack-o’-lantern is very scary. The eyes are very scary, the nose is very small and the teeth are very very sharp.

That night. Jay hears a voice, a whisper from outside, “TOO MUCH CANDY!” He gets out of bed, walks down the stairs, opens the front door, and said to himself, “Where is the jack-o’-lantern? Where is the candy?” He hears the voice again, “TOO MUCH CANDY!”

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Jay walks down the stairs and walks to the corner and again he hears the voice, “TOO MUCH CANDY!” He walks around the corner and finds that there is nothing there. He realizes that the voice is actually coming from behind him. Jay slowly turns around and a big jack-o’-lantern, scarier than ever comes towards him and roars, “TOO MUCH CANDY!”

All of a sudden, Jay wakes up from his scary dream. He finds himself on his bed. But from that day, Jay never eat TOO MUCH CANDY! You may also like to read, The Candy Fairy.

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