Wise Thinking

This is a great short story in English with moral value for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy man who suffered great eye pain. He felt a strange pain in his eyes. Although he tried many things, nothing seemed to help him. From one doctor to another, he tried every kind of doctor he could find. The wealthy man even tried all sorts of medications. But no amount of prescriptions saved the man from the pain.

As the pain grew unbearable, the wealthy man was informed of a monk. This monk was famous for curing various kinds of problems. So, this wealthy man chose to visit the monk. When the monk inspected the problem, he advised the man, “You must concentrate on the color green. Once you do that, the pain in your eyes will disappear.” And so the man did exactly that! Also, read The Priest And The Robber.


short story in english with moral value

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The wealthy man went back and ordered his servants and other important men to change everything in his house. From every wall in his house to every last article, the man had everything painted in green. And with that, he saw a significant change in his eyes and felt the relief! “The monk was right. The pain in my eyes has disappeared!” he exclaimed.

Then one day, the bell rang. The monk had come to visit the wealthy man to see how he was doing. When the servant saw the monk, he quickly ran and brought a bucket of green paint. He threw the paint on the monk.

“What did you do that for?” the monk asked. “Well,” the servant replied politely, “Our master was advised by you to look at green objects, in that manner he would not feel any discomfort. As you were wearing saffron-colored garments, our master would have been uncomfortable.” You may also like to read, The Magic Of Patience.

The monk laughed when he saw the wealthy man coming his way, “all you could have done was buy a green shaded pair glasses, there was no reason to change everything.”