Work, Work, Work

This isa humorous story for kids that of a man and the ghost. A man was passing through the forest. He was very tired and decided to take rest under the shadow of a big tree. There were some bushes near the tree. He heard a sound which was coming from the bushes. He saw a crystal bottle under the bushes. The sound was coming from the bottle.

He opened the bottle in excitement and looked inside. Soon a big, red ghost appeared with a lot of black smoke from the bottle. The ghost was as tall as a big tree. He had red eyes and large golden earrings on his ears. He screamed, “Give me some work, or else I will eat you.” The man was frightened. “W…What kind of work should I give you”, he asked the ghost. “Any kind of work. You let me out from the bottle, now you have to give me work”, replied the ghost.

a humorous story

a humorous story –

The man told him to drop him to his house. In half a second, he reached the man’s house. Again, the ghost asked for work. The man told him to build a palace. In a few minutes, the palace was ready. The ghost again asked for work or else he would eat the man. He ordered him to get plenty of jewels and gold. Soon the jewels and gold were there. The ghost again said, “Give me some work, or else I will eat you.” He told him to get nice clothes. At once, the ghost brought the clothes. Again, the ghost asked for work. He told him to get food. And in seconds a table full of delicious food appeared. But the man did not get time to eat as the ghost was after him and wanted Work Work Work!

The man kept on giving work as he was afraid that the ghost would eat him. He could neither eat nor sleep the whole night. The man got very worried. The man came up with an idea. He told the ghost to build a pillar as high as the sky. In just a few minutes, the pillar was ready. The man now told him to climb up and them climb down till the earth. Then climb up and come down again. Now, the ghost was very happy that he had lots of work to do. The man finally ate the food and fell asleep.

The next morning, the man got up and went outside. The ghost was climbing up and down the pillar all the time. Many days passed, months passed. Now the ghost started feeling a little tired. “Sir, May I stop now?”, asked the ghost. The man replied, “You can’t stop till I order you.” He kept on going up and down. Now, three months are passed and the ghost was really very tired. He requested the man to make him stop as he was not able to climb anymore. The man told him that he would stop him only in one condition. The condition was he must go far away from here and never come back. He agreed and promised the man. The man ordered him to stop and take away the pillar with him. The ghost picked the pillar and ran as fast as he can and never came back.

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