Anger And Love

This is one of the good inspirational stories for children. Once upon a time, there lived a man who loved his new red car. He had a five years old son who was calling his dad again and again to spend some quality time. But, the man was too busy in polishing his new red car. The little boy came running to his father and hugged him but the father told not to disturb him.

The little boy was eagerly waiting for his father to play with him. Soon, he found a colorful stone and started to scratch the lines on the other side of the car. On seeing that, the father snatched the colorful stone from his child’s hand. He lose his temper and started hitting his child on his hand with the spanner. Also, read Happiness.

inspirational stories for children

inspirational stories for children

Image Source@ When the father came to his senses, he immediately took his son to the hospital. Unfortunately, due to multiple fractures, the little child lost all his fingers. The little boy saw his father with lots of pain in his eyes and asked, “Dad, when will my fingers grow back?” His father was so hurt to see his son’s pain that he ran downstairs where he parked his car. He kicked his car many times and cursed himself for his wrongdoings.

When he came near the scratches and tried to read it, the scratches read “I LOVE YOU DAD” with a big heart. Devastated by his own actions, he felt really very sorry for what he did to his son.

Anger and love have no limits. One should choose their actions and words wisely. Anger only destroys you. It is very important to know the reason behind everything. If the father would have spent some time with his son rather than his new car, this would not happen. You may also like to read, Never Judge Others.

Moral of Inspirational Stories For Children: Always remember, things are to be used and people are to loved.