Baby Sister Tries To Wake Up Her Big Brother

There is nothing quite like a Sibling Bond. No matter how weird they are, the relationship among the siblings is the strongest. They mark our most enduring relationship. Siblings can be the best teachers and help you learn life lessons. They are our scolds, protectors, playmates, counselors, sources of envy, and objects of pride. Best of all, they are the ‘Permanent’ best friends.

This is a story of a Big Brother, Drew and a Baby Sister, Remi who love each other a lot. It’s weekend and the Big Brother, Drew who is not so big is fast asleep on his couch. Haha! He is just 3 years old. Unlike every morning, he gets up late on weekends. After all, it’s a holiday!

cute baby videos

cute baby videos

Remi, the Baby Sister who is 8 months old knows that the sun has already risen. She goes to see her big brother. Oh! But what does she sees? Drew is still sleeping on his couch. She wants to play with him. So, she tries to wake him up.

She gathers all her toys and place in front of him. Remi tries to poke into his lips, talk to him, and touch his face several times. She does all the possible efforts to wake him up, but he is still sleeping.

Suddenly, mommy enters the room and sees what Remi tries to do. With a little help from mommy, she wakes him up. His face immediately softens up when he sees that it’s his little sister. Instead of being upset or angry at her, he opens his one eye, gives her sister a smile and gives her a kiss! Such a sweetheart he is! The Big Brother is definitely going to grow up to be a gentleman.

Cute Baby Videos

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