The Hares And The Frogs

This is one of the great fable stories with moral lesson for kids. Once upon a time, in a forest, all the hares called for a meeting. As you know, hares by nature are scared of even the tiniest sounds.

But this time, in this forest they were being hunted by men and animals alike. They ran from one place to another in search for shelter. Tired of running, they all called for a meeting with the elders. Also, read Hare And Tortoise Story.

fable stories with moral lesson

fable stories with moral lesson

Image Source @lafontaine.netAll of them met under a tree. All of them together decided to discuss their fate. In the meeting, it was understood that all of them lacked the means to protect themselves. Hares are timid creatures after all.

They had no sharp teeth or sharp claws. “We’re helpless” they cried. So, in the meeting, it was then decided that all of them, would end their lives. There was no other way, they could not live their entire lives in hiding!

All of them decided they would commit mass suicide at the nearby pool of water. While the hares were conducting their meeting, they thought they heard a noise. As a result, all them scampered into hiding.

Just as decided, all of them slowly made their way to the pool to commit mass suicide. As they approached the pool, they saw that a troop of frogs was living there. They kept moving, determined to kill themselves ignoring the frogs. But when the frogs heard many hares approach all at once, the frogs croaked and jumped into the pool to hide.

“Look” one of the hares announced pointing at the scared frogs. “Let’s overturn the rule for mass suicide. Things really aren’t that bad for us. Look there are creatures that are actually afraid of us!” The hares went back, happier than ever and lived peacefully. You may also like to read, The Green Frog That Didn’t Listen.