Cactus Story

This is one of the short children’s bedtime stories to read. Once upon a time, there lived a group of flowers. They were Tulip, Sunflower, Cactus, Cosmos, and Daisy.

One day, all the flowers bloomed beautifully but only that small cactus did not bloom a flower. All the flowers were teasing the Cactus. The Sunflower said, “Hey, look! Cactus does not have a flower. Haha! So ugly!” The Cosmos said, “You don’t come close to me. You make me ugly!” The Tulip said, “I’m so lucky that I’m not Cactus.” The Daisy said, “Euu! So ugly!” You may also like to read, The Peony Tree And The Peony Flower.

short children's bedtime stories

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Soon, it was a rainy day. All plants were happily drinking water. But, Sunflower said, “Hey, Cactus! You need not drink because you cannot bloom any flower.” The Cosmos said, “Only pretty flowers can drink the water.” On hearing this, Tulip and Daisy started to laugh. Poor Cactus kept quiet and felt sad. Cactus felt so sad that once she tried to be part of them. She tried to put anything on her but she failed.

As the hot summer approached, the garden began to dry up. All the flowers were suffering under the hot weather except the Cactus. Cactus asked to her fellow flowers, “Hey, are you okay?” The Sunflower told her, “The weather is too hot, I’m thirsty!” The Cosmos said, “Help! The Sun is killing me!” The Tulip said, “Please water me or else I’ll die!” The Daisy cried, “I’m thirsty!”

But all the flowers were amazed at the Cactus. Finally, the Sunflower asked, “Cactus, why don’t you feel thirsty?” “Because I have a long root that spread out just under the ground in search of water. Without leaves, less water is lost through my body. So, I can store a lot of water,” Cactus replied. Also, read A Proud Red Rose.

“If you don’t mind, I have water and I can help you all,” Cactus told the other flowers. Cosmos, Daisy and Tulip said, “We are sorry, Cactus!” The Sunflower said, “I’m sorry, Cactus! We treated you so bad and yet you are still willing to help us!” Cactus replied, “No problem! I’m doing what I know is right!” Four of them apologized to Cactus because they felt guilty of what they had done to Cactus.

After what had happened, all the flowers stopped teasing Cactus but are proud of her for saving their lives. Suddenly, a fairy appeared in front of them. The fairy said, “I have seen what you have done to the others and I’m touched by your actions. Now, I’m helping you to grant your wish to come true.” You may also like to read, The Arrogant Flowerpecker.

As the fairy moved her magic wand, the Cactus had got a beautiful flower like the rest of the plants. All of them lived happily together.