The Peony Tree And The Peony Flower

This is one of the awesome fairy tales stories for kids. Long, long ago, there lived a beautiful princess and a charming prince. The two were in love. They always spent time together and were happy. One day, the Prince got to know about the war happening in the neighboring country. “Princess, there is a war in the neighboring country I must go to battle,” said the Prince.  The princess was very sad that the prince was leaving. Read more awesome fairy tale stories from here.

The princess was very sad that the prince was leaving. “Don’t cry. I will come back alive,” said the Prince and left for the war. The princess prayed every day since the prince left. “Dear god, help the prince beat the enemy and come back alive,” prayed the Princess. Also read, The Giant Turnip.

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Despite the princess’s prayers, the prince was stabbed to death.”Not being able to keep my promise. “I can’t die like this when I think of my princess. I will always look at my princess from this spot,” said the Prince and died. The prince died there and became a peony tree. The princess heard of the prince’s death and prayed to god. “Dear god, please let me see him just once,” pleaded the princess.

At that moment, a light shone and god appeared. “The prince will be waiting for you as a tree!” the god told Princess. The princess went off in search of the prince. The princess recognized the prince at once. The princess sat next to the tree and cried and cried. You may also like, Gingerbread Man Story.

At that moment, a light shone and god appeared. “Your love has moved the heavens. I will let you two be together always.” The princess turned into a beautiful peony flower. The prince and princess were able to stay with each other forever.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the amazing fairy tales stories, “The Peony Tree And The Peony Flower Story”. See the video story below,

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