College Study Tips

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college study tips

college study tips

Study Tips:

Concentration. You might think that nothing bad happens if you distract yourself every 15 minutes to check who has written to you or posted something fun or interesting. However, if you do not control yourself, you will write four of five sentences in an hour wondering why it takes so much time. It is difficult to stay concentrated for hours. We know that. But it is much better to have one or two bigger breaks in some hours than to quickly answer messages or watch a couple of memes every 10 minutes. If you do the latter, you will need time to come back to your thoughts every time. And it would exhaust you quicker. We suggest you put aside all your devices but the ones you need and concentrate only on your task until you complete it or the part you plan to complete.

  1. Time management. College students always have a lot to do: courses, hobbies, homework, exams, researches, and time for friends. All this seems to be impossible to combine at times. Though it is not that difficult if you try to plan your day. Make an approximate schedule. Think about how much time you need to sleep each day when it would be better for you to get and maybe complete easier tasks in the morning before lessons start. Schedule the time you spend on homework. But do not write simply “4-8p.m. – doing my homework”. Give it a deeper thought: what you should start with when you would like to have breaks. For example, “4-4.50 – working on the essay; 4.50-5.00 – break” and so on. Do not underestimate the importance of these breaks. Your brain must get some rest during your work.
  2. Use technologies that help you. Nowadays, we have a great variety of apps. Some of them can be really useful. They can help with scheduling your day, typing, checking written papers for grammar or plagiarism, etc. Browse some apps, read what other students use, and find apps that suit you best.
  3. Appreciate yourself and your effort. Studying is never easy. It takes a lot of time and energy. And people tend to overload themselves with tasks without taking time to rest. Treat yourself to something you like after passing exams or defending your research. Get some chocolate, go to the movie or theatre, spend an evening watching your favorite series and you will see how much energy it will give you.
  4. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Fear of failure would limit you and will not let you even start doing something. Accept the fact that you might make a mistake and start your assignment in the way you can do it. Most probably, you will do it in the right way. Do not let this fear stop you.
  5. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Do some sports each day and include healthy food in your routine, and you will notice how much your life will be changing for the better.

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