Top tips on how to write a fairy tale essay

There are plenty of resources online, such as online essay writing services, that let you understand how to better complete various types of essays. Today we shall look into another type – the essay based on a fairy tale. Such stories are usually associated with children. They typically lead to the Good defeating the Evil and show us that love is the foremost ruler in the Universe.

Usually, people think of their favorite fairy tale stories when they need to write an essay on a fairy tale. But maybe you aren’t sure that you understand well enough how to complete the assignment. If so, continue with our article. Also, readHow Do I Improve My Writing Skills in English?

how to write a fairy tale essay

how to write a fairy tale essay

Some of The Main Topics

The Beauty in Fairy Tales

Typically, a common topic in fairy tales is that of beauty. They normally have a beautiful main character and a person who is envious of them or, on the contrary, amazed by it. In your essay, you can touch on the topic of why beauty is such a great theme in fairy tales.

Parents in Fairy Tales

Many times, fairy tales include an evil stepmother. Sometimes though, the characters are orphans – have no mother or even no parents at all. You can delve into a discussion of what is the role of the parents, especially of the mothers and stepmothers, in the universe of fairy tales and what do they embody, according to you.

And Some Research

When you have to create an essay on fairy tales, one of the best things to do is RESEARCH. You can go to the library or read some fairy tale books. Or you can do a quick scan of the Internet and check reputable sites that offer lots of information. By doing so you shall find most of the data that is necessary for completing a compelling essay. If you are free to pick a topic, you shall be able to select the one that intrigues you the most and that you feel the most passionate to write about.

Make a Plan

Think about how you want to approach the question that you would be posing in the essay. For example, you can make it about lessons that are learned from a particular fairy tale. Or you want to write on what has been conveyed by the story and how the author has achieved this. There is also the option to write on whether the fairy tale is a good lesson for children and why so.

The Topic

When you have done your research, now is the time to select what topic do you want to write on. Find something that you can do interesting and engaging so that it can captivate the reader. Well, that step will be omitted if you are given a particular topic.

On the Writing Itself

Start with an amazing opening. The introduction must catch the attention of the reader and pave the path for a discussion. By making the opening engaging you will promote the desire of the reader to keep on with the essay. When you continue to the body, connect every paragraph to each other. Also, each paragraph should be introducing a new idea.

Another vital part is, of course, is the conclusion. There you need to put a summary of the overall discussion and point out what are the findings. Also, you have the option to put something that will make the reader think further. But the conclusion needs to be connected to the body of the essay, as well.

After you have finished, leave the essay for a bit to clear your mind. Then come back and read it. There may be a lot of careless mistakes that you can correct. Make sure your assignment is good enough before you hand it.

how to write a fairy tale essay

how to write a fairy tale essay

Modern Fairy Tales

Who says that there are no new fairy tales? Well, they would be proven wrong. For there are such. Say, there is Shrek, Harry Potter, and others. How are they connected to the old ones? What is their lesson? How do the lessons change from one generation to the next? Do they still touch on the same old ideas that had proven themselves to be evergreen? Or do they pose new questions, new answers, new ways of thinking?

If you have the option to select what to write on, you can select some new-days fairy tale and discuss it.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure you have a great opening. That is the eye-catcher and the thing that will make the reader feel like they are compelled to continue on with the essay. Ensure that you have sources to back you up. Do not write on something that is posted on a scammy-looking site that has no credentials to give such data. Provide good enough arguments. They need to be logical and you should be able to prove it. Do not go into details without providing arguments – they are a key to an amazing essay on any topic.

Make sure your writing is coherent. Sometimes while we write our thoughts fly with great speed and we think that everything is well-connected to everything else. But then we come to find that an outside person cannot understand what we have written. So, ensure that you are giving writing that is understandable.

Entertain the reader. Writing is about reading. What we mean by that is that when you write you should think about the readers. After all, nobody wants to write boring assignments that will barely get a passing score. No, what matters is that you keep the reader entertained. Give good examples, provide additional data that is related to the subject. Pose interesting questions, make them think for themselves. Offer them a chance to emerge themselves into your writing and find new answers. That way you are ensuring that e-reader will feel glad they have taken on reading your pieces. Also, you will get an awesome grade.


There are plenty of topics in the world of fairy tales. You can choose from all of them to write an essay on. You should simply remember some vital things about the process of writing. We tried to give you some understanding of them. We hope that our help will get you a better grade.

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