Disney Princess Jasmine Story

This is the short story of Disney princess jasmine. Jasmine was sad and lonely. She needed a friend. Her father was sad to see her daughter’s sadness. “Poor Jasmine, I want to cheer you up,” said her father. The next day, he gave Jasmine a big gift. The big gift was under the red bedsheet. “Open it!” he said.

Jasmine pulled off the red bedsheet. It was a tiger cub. “I will call you Rajah,” said Jasmine. She was very happy after having a tiger cub as her pet. Jasmine and Rajah spent a lot of time together. They sat in the sun, watched butterflies, and played lots of games. Jasmine took good care of Rajah. She used to feed him and brush him every day. Also, read Princess Merida Story.

disney princess jasmine

Disney Princess Jasmine

Image Source @www.in.pinterest.com. She gave him lots of affection. Jasmine liked to rub and scratch his furry belly. Rajah liked it too. The princess kept him safe from any harm and she loved to play dress-up with him. Jasmine made Rajah a cozy little bed. At night, they fell fast asleep.

As time passed, Rajah grew bigger and bigger and bigger! Rajah became a very big and strong tiger.  Now, Rajah keeps Jasmine safe from harm. Rajah is too big to play dress-up. He is too big for his cozy little bed. But he will never be too big for a belly rub and a big, big hug! You may also like, Aladdin And The Magic Lamp

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