The Dog Who Went Abroad

This is an amazing dog story to read online for children. Once upon a time, there lived a smart dog called Spart. He used to live in the town. He was very happy to stay at his own land and he was loved by all the people there. But his happiness did not last for long. Also, read Sophia The Dog.

One year, a severe famine struck the town. People had no food to eat and so they couldn’t feed their cattle, dogs or any other animals. Spart upon realizing that he would not find anything to eat decided to leave from there. So, he ran away to a faraway land. There was no shortage of food in this new land. He wandered into the backyard of a house where he ate to his heart’s content.

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One day, some of the local dogs spotted him and once they knew that he was a stranger in their land, they attacked him and growled at him. Spart the dog was hurt very badly. He ran until the local dogs had disappeared. He was really scared and was missing his own town very much. You may also like, The Discontented Dog.

Finally, when he escaped from them, he thought to himself, “I better leave this place! There may be famine in my own land but at least the dogs there are of my own kind.”


Here is a visual depiction of this amazing dog story, “The Dog Who Went Abroad”. See the video story below,

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