Sophia, The Dog

If you are looking for some Bedtime stories for kids in English, then you are in the right place! This is one of the most amazing small stories for kids to read. See how Betty fell in love with Sophia, the dog. Here you go!


Once upon a time, there lived a happy family. In the family, there was a father, a mother, and two sisters. The elder sister, Bella was full of life and always used to feed stray dogs. On the other hand, Betty, the younger sister used to stay with her mother all the time. Also, she was scared of dogs and never liked them. Also, read The Discontented Dog.

bedtime stories for kids in english

bedtime stories for kids in english


One day, while Bella was playing, she saw a beautiful dog. It was a very cute Pomeranian dog with white furs. The dog was standing in the middle of the road and was afraid as its owner left it on the road willingly. The dog was very sad and was moaning in pain. Bella quickly picked it up and brought it to her home.


As you all know, Betty did not like dogs, she started to shout at Bella. However, Bella did not listen to her and made the dog comfortable and fed it. Hearing the conversation, the mother rushed immediately and said, “Darling, from where did you find this dog? Why did you bring it home?” To this, Bella replied, “Mamma, the poor dog was sad because its owner left it on the road. So, I brought her home. She will stay with us from now on.” The mother smiled and immediately agreed.

The poor Betty was not happy with her decision. She was really scared of the dogs. In the evening, the father came from the office. He also tried hard to make Betty understand, but Betty was very stubborn. She did not want this dog to stay at her home. You may also like to read, The Dog and The Wolf.

Soon, it was time to go to bed. The mother tied the dog as Betty was scared of it and soon everybody was fast asleep, except for the dog. The dog was crying as it was missing its owner. At first, Betty ignored it. But she could not resist and quietly went to the dog to see what was wrong with it.


To her surprise, the dog did not bark at her. She came closer to it and the dog was looking at her with all the love. For the first time, Betty touched a dog. As she touched her, the dog immediately stopped crying and started licking her. Betty was actually enjoying the dog’s company. The father, mother, and Bella were looking at all of this from behind the door. They pretended as if they did not see anything. Also, read Elephant and Dog Story.

The next morning, Betty said, “I have decided the name of my dog. It will be Sophia!” To this, Bella said, “My dog? It’s our dog! Aww, I loved the name.” At once, Bella hugged Betty and said, “I love you, Sister!” The father and mother were happy to hear that and they welcomed a new member to their family.

And so, Betty and Sophia became best of friends. They are still the best of friends. They play together, sleep together, eat together and most of all, they love each other a lot.