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The Clever Deer

This is one of the most amazing Animal Story for kids to read. Once upon a time, there was a river that flowed through a deep forest. On one bank of the river, there lived a handsome and clever deer. In the river, there lived a

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Cricket and Cougar

This is one of the best animal stories for children to read. One day cougar, the mightiest of all the animals, was walking down a path. There, he came across a broken log. With not many options the cougar stepped on the fallen log to

dog story

The Dog Who Went Abroad

This is an amazing dog story to read online for children. Once upon a time, there lived a smart dog called Spart. He used to live in the town. He was very happy to stay at his own land and he was loved by all

The Green Frog That Didn’t Listen

This is a great animal story for kids. There lived a mother green frog and her son in a small pond. The son never listened to the mother and always did the opposite of what the mother told him. “There are many snakes in the woods, don’t