Cricket and Cougar

This is one of the best animal stories for children to read. One day cougar, the mightiest of all the animals, was walking down a path. There, he came across a broken log. With not many options the cougar stepped on the fallen log to walk past it.

No sooner did the cougar step on it, then a small voice came out of the log. “Hey! Get off the roof of my house!” it said. The sudden voice startled the cougar. He looked around to see where the voice came from. Soon, a tiny cricket appeared out of the log.

animal stories for children

animal stories for children

“Step down this very instant, cougar,” the tiny cricket ordered the cougar. “If you don’t, the roof pole will snap and my house will be destroyed.” The cougar heard the little cricket, but he did not like the idea of being ordered, after all, he was the mightiest of all!

“Who are you to order me? Why should I do what you ask me to?” the cougar snarled at the cricket. “I am the chief of all the animals in this forest.” “Chief or no chief, I care not,” the little cricket spat, “I have a cousin who is even mightier than you!”

“I do not believe you!” the cougar replied, becoming annoyed. “It does not matter if you believe me or not. I am telling the truth!” the little cricket said bravely. You may also like to read, The Foolish Rabbit.

“If what you say is true,” the cougar said angrily, “then ask your cousin to meet here tomorrow afternoon. And if your cousin does not prove to be mightier than me, then I will crush your cousin and your precious little house.” After warning the cricket, the cougar went away.

Next day, when the sun was shining brightly near the log, the cougar met the little cricket’s cousin. After the cougar called for the cricket and its cousin, a tiny mosquito buzzed out of the log. The mosquito went straight into the cougar’s ear.

“What is this?” the cougar asked in surprise. Not once in his life had the cougar seen a mosquito. Inside the big cat’s ear, the mosquito buzzed and bit the cougar. “What is this!” snarled the big cat in pain. He scratched his ear with his paw, but nothing happened. “Get it out! Get it out of my ear!” the mighty cat yelped in pain and ran around circles.

The cricket observed all this from a distance. After some time, the cricket jumped on the log and asked, “Now will you leave me and my house alone?” “Yes! I will! Just get it out of my ear. No more!” the mighty cat accepted his defeat. Also, read The Horse And The Donkey.

Finally, the cricket asked the mosquito to leave the cougar alone. Out the mosquito flew and off ran the cougar with its tail between his legs, never to trouble crickets or mosquitos ever again.