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monkey story

The Clever Monkey Story

This is an amazing monkey story for kids to read. Once, long ago in the jungle, the animals were gathered around the watering hole. They were sad because a new lion had come to live in their part of the jungle. This lion was a

lion and jackal story

Lion And Jackal Story

This is Lion And Jackal Story for kids. Once upon a time, a hungry jackal found his way to a mountain. Hungry as he was, he searched and searched for food in the night. “ I am so hungry,” he thought. “ How I wish

funny animal stories for kids

The Intelligent Jackal

This is one of the funny animal stories for kids to read. A long time ago in a far away forest, there lived a wolf and a jackal. One day, they met and got talking. The wolf looked at the jackal and asked, “How much

a wise old owl story

A Wise Old Owl Story

This is a wise old owl story for kids. Once upon a time, a group of owls came to settle in a forest. This forest had many beautiful lush green trees. All the owls in the group were free to choose whichever tree they liked.

animals story in english

The Eagle and the Fox

This is an amazing animals story in english. Once upon a time, an eagle befriended a fox. Soon both of them became extremely close. They became so close that they decided to build homes next to each other. As a result, the eagle built its

animal stories for children

Cricket and Cougar

This is one of the best animal stories for children to read. One day cougar, the mightiest of all the animals, was walking down a path. There, he came across a broken log. With not many options the cougar stepped on the fallen log to

animal stories for kids with morals

The Buck And The Doe

This is one of the awesome animal stories for kids with morals. Once upon a time, there lived a lovely Doe in the forest. The forest was situated near the mountainous area. She had extremely soft reddish brown fur and white bright eyes. One day, she