Lion And Jackal Story

This is Lion And Jackal Story for kids. Once upon a time, a hungry jackal found his way to a mountain. Hungry as he was, he searched and searched for food in the night. “ I am so hungry,” he thought. “ How I wish I could find something to eat.” The jackal did not even remember when was the last time that he ate.

So, he began searching around the mountain for some food. “ I wonder if I’ll be able to find some animal to eat.” You may also like to read, The Lion And The Camel.

lion and jackal story

lion and jackal story

Image Source@ Just as the poor jackal was searching for food, he happened upon a lion. Looking at the lion, he froze right where he was. “ This lion will surely eat me up. What should I do?” the jackal wondered.

He quickly thought of a plan and began crying. The jackal cried as much as he could. Looking at the crying jackal, the lion grew puzzled. “Why are you crying?” he asked the jackal. “These huge rocks,” the jackal pointed at the mountain. “ Those rocks will fall at any moment and will kill us. We’ll die here! Oh!” he began to weep again.

Before the lion could say anything, the jackal suggested an escape plan. “ Let’s pick up a huge boulder. We will hide underneath it. That way we won’t die. The only problem is, who will pick up the heavy boulder? I am not strong enough.”

The lion took it upon himself to show off his immense power and strength. At once, the lion picked up a boulder and raised it above his head. “ Now what?” asked the lion.

“I’ll go get a log to secure the rock! You wait right there,” exclaimed the jackal. Although hunger stricken, the jackal managed to run away quickly. He never returned to the lion. His quick thinking saved his life! Also, read The Intelligent Jackal.