Jesus Calms The Storm

This is Jesus Calms The Storm Story for kids. Once upon a time, a long time ago, Jesus and his disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee. They had taken a boat to cross the sea. More about Jesus Calming The Storm.

One day, in the evening, a strong storm enveloped all of them. The storm was as violent as it could be. It made the sea harder to navigate and rocked the boats harshly. The poor disciples were extremely scared. All the boats were now filled with water and the storm showed no signs of calming down.

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jesus calms the storm

jesus calms the storm

Image Source All the men were afraid that their boats with sink and that they will drown along with their boats. They found Jesus sleeping at the back of the boat. Looking at him, they thought he did not care what happened to him or the other disciples.

Even so, one of them woke him up. They thought, perhaps, he might have an idea what to do. “Do you not care, if we drown and die?” they asked him. When Jesus awoke, he looked around at his disciples and the storm. Then, he moved towards the front end of the boat. Once there, he lifted both his arms and commanded the storm to calm down.

The moment Jesus commanded the storm to calm down by saying, “Be still!” And the storm was gone in no time. The waters were peaceful once again. Now, the disciples were even more scared than before. Although Jesus saved them, they did not know who he really was.

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The disciples had no idea that Jesus was the son of God. “Who is he? Even the winds and seas obey him?” they all wondered. Many of the disciples chose to follow Jesus. But they still did not know that he was the Son of God. And neither did they know that Jesus could control whatever the world had.

Here is a short visual depiction of “Jesus Calms The Storm”. See the video story below,

Jesus Calms The Storm Story Video