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free short stories for kids

Sturnus The Liar

This is one of the best free short stories for kids. Once, in a forest, all kinds of animals lived in peace and love. However, none of them wanted to hang around with Sturnus. She was postured and always told lie. Moreover, she never realized

animal stories for children

Cricket and Cougar

This is one of the best animal stories for children to read. One day cougar, the mightiest of all the animals, was walking down a path. There, he came across a broken log. With not many options the cougar stepped on the fallen log to

The Incredibles Save The Day

This is The Incredibles story for kids. In the city of Municiburg, everyone slept soundly. That’s because they knew Supers like Mr. Incredible would keep them safe. One night, a boy named Buddy tried to help Mr. Incredible stop a robbery. Buddy didn’t have any