Hansel And Gretel Story

This is the famous Hansel And Gretel Story for kids. There once lived a poor woodcutter, his wife, and two children, Hansel and Gretel. The woodcutter and his wife could not take care of their children anymore. So, they decided to leave them in the middle of the forest.

When the children heard about this they got very scared. They came up with a plan of dropping pebbles along the way their father took them. All they had to do was to follow the line of pebbles back home. Their parents were surprised to see them back and decided to take them again. Hansel and Gretel decided to drop bread crumbs this time as their pebbles were gone. But sadly for the children, the birds ate up all the crumbs. Also, read Clever Gretel.

hansel and gretel story

Hansel and Gretel Story

They walked and walked but could not find their way back home. Suddenly, they saw a strange house made up of cookies, candies, and chocolates. When they both were eating the yummy door, a witch bounced on them.

She locked up Hansel in a cage and asked Gretel to help her heat the oven. She would cook them and eat them up. But just as the witch bent to check the oven’s temperature, Gretel pushed her from behind and locked the oven door. Gretel rescued Hansel and they filled their pockets with the witch’s jewels.

Finally, they managed to find their way back home and gave jewels to their parents. Thanks to the clever children! The family was never poor and hungry again. Also, read The Three Wishes.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the most famous short stories for kids – “Hansel and Gretel Story“. See the video story below,

Hansel and Gretel Story Video