Harry- The Happy Snowman

This is one of the best snowman stories to read for kids. Five days before Christmas Eve, Santa was working out in his gym, practicing his technique of dropping down through chimneys without getting stuck. Santa has quite a possibility of that. Suddenly, one of his reindeers, Donder came running in. He seemed rather distressed and worried.

“Santa, Harry, the snowman has run away! I’m panicking!” Donder said. “Calm down Donder, there’s nothing to worry about! I’ll personally sort out Harry’s problems and bring him back home, safe and sound.” said Santa. Santa ordered Donder to alert elves and began a search whilst he headed back to his sleigh. Also, read Story Of Santa Claus.

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Santa took off to the skies to find Harry. One place, as he looked down, he saw Harry alone in the snow heading away from Santa’s village. “Harry! Can you hear me?” Santa cried. Santa pulled down and landed just beside Harry, but Harry ignored Santa and kept walking. “Jump aboard Harry! Get back in,” said Santa. But Harry kept on walking away.

Santa shouted again, “Harry, please listen to me, talk to Santa.” Harry slowly turned around, looked at Santa with tears in his eyes. “Harry, there comes a point in everybody’s life when you feel like running away. But that’s not the right thing to do.” Santa asked Harry about his problems.

Harry looked at Santa and broke down. “Uhh! No one ever listens to me, no one has time for me! Why me? I’m just a stupid worthless snowman. Nobody loves me!” cried Harry. Santa walked to Harry and hugged him. Santa then said, “Harry, my boy! You are not worthless. Dry your eyes, wipe your face! Come, I want to show you how important you are!” Harry looked at Rudolph. He had his head hung low. Santa ordered, “Rudolph my boy, take to the skies. Let’s prove to Harry how important he really is!” Also read, The Snowman Story.

Rudolph smiled and looked at Harry. As they traveled around the world, Santa showed Harry millions of Snowmen all built by children, having fun with the help of their family and friends. “Look Harry, building snowmen bring people together. Harry, imagine Christmas without a snowman. It’ll be incomplete. No fun! Imagine our family without you,” Santa explained.

Now, Harry became happy. “Rudolph, take us home!” Santa commanded. While the mood changed in the sleigh and everybody was happy, they approached the North Pole. They looked down of the sleigh and could see written in the snow in huge letters, “WELCOME HOME HARRY! WE LOVE YOU!”

Everybody from Santa’s village was there too, to welcome Harry back home. This made Harry so happy. Everyone clapped for Santa. “Hmm… Harry could have made a big mistake by running away! But that’s not the answer. Just talk to someone and you’ll find the ones, who have time for you and who truly care,” Santa said.

“Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!” everyone wished each other gladly. You may also like, The Snow Queen Story.

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