How to Write a Short Story: A Step-by-Step Guide

A short story is an exciting and fantastic kind of writing. All the people who start reading can finish a short story even if they don’t like it in contrast to the novel. If you got such a task and your only thought is, “Can someone write me a storylike an expert?”,you can do it online with WriteMyPaperHub. First of all, you can use this experience for your next writings. It is very useful in all cases, so don’t be afraid of verified online services with a lot of reviews from clients. If you decide to choose another way and want to write it yourself from the beginning to the end, we are ready to help you with a step-by-step guide that will give you detailed and clear instructions on how to succeed with your story.

how to write a short story

how to write a short story

Step #1. Come up with the main idea that you want to convey to your reader.

It should be one simple thought. It doesn’t mean that you must write simple short sentences, but thought must be clear. The charm of short stories is that obvious truths like “Mountains are beautiful” can be described with passion, and that’s all. The great writers can do this on 500-600 pages, but you must agree that not every reader can finish such a book.

Step #2. Keep in mind the whole plot.

You must understand and imagine all situations before writing. You can’t start if you want to compose the plot during writing. It is not good news for writers with a vivid imagination, but this is true. Unfortunately, you don’t have time for new plot branches and must describe only the chosen one. For those who have a structured brain this way is great. Short descriptions, clear plot, one main thought, and you are done.

Step #3. Keep the reader in suspense.

Previous steps were easy for understanding and using. But this one is about magic and talent. Try to feel your future text and answer yourself if it is exciting? Were you satisfied when you finished the plot? Are you interested in the continuation of this writing? Does it look like lightning that you can’t stop? If some answers are Yes, you are on the right path and will find your reader easily.

Step #4. Add as few characters as possible.

You don’t have time to present their nature, but reading about an unpredictable person is not interesting. If you choose human relations to describe in your story, try to show only a few persons that are necessary for explaining your plot. Try to add each of them to some special feature that distinguishes them easily. Don’t use similar names like John and Jack. Your reader must discern a character fully.

Step #5. Read some examples and choose what you want to follow.

Have you ever read short stories written in a different genre? If not, please do it before starting your writing. You will be surprised at how many various ways authors show their thoughts. You can note what impressed you most and then add it to your story. This method is useful for only short stories because you don’t need to spend months reading a lot of novels as examples. It is also useful to do this not that day you start your own story by a few days before. If you accept this tip, your mind will analyze and process the whole information, and you will get the best result.

Step #6. Ask your friend to read what you have written first.

Did he read it without stops? If he did, then you are a successful writer. If he didn’t, ask him what was wrong. When he got bored? What he prefers to change? His answers shouldn’t be an impulse to change your writing, but you need to think about them. You can gather a lot of feedback from a lot of friends and analyze coincidences. If different people want to change the same parts of your writing, it might be a reasonable signal for you. But remember that you are a writer and your word is the last.

Step #7. Time for proofreading.

The last thing before scoring is proofreading. Don’t forget, and don’t ignore this part of every kind of writing. You can use all kinds of help you prefer. Online services are good, mentors are good, writers (if you know any of them) are good. After 2-3 times checking your own text, you become blind. You can’t notice even obvious mistakes and nonsense sentences. As a writer, you remember what you meant by saying this, but you can’t estimate it with a fresh look. All professional writers do it all the time, so accept it as a rule that will save you from stupid mistakes.

That is how successful short story writing works. Try to relax before writing and follow that guide. We believe that it will lead you to brilliant writing that will bring you satisfaction and a good score at the same time.