Let The Children Come To Me Story

This is Let The Children Come To Me Story for kids. A long time ago when the people of Jerusalem heard that Jesus was in town, they went looking for him. “Have you heard the news? Jesus is in town!” Over and over people in the town told one another the news, “Jesus is here!” Everyone wanted to see Jesus.

Men left their work and hurried to hear him speak. Friends and families helped sick people get near him. They had heard how he had healed others. Maybe, he would heal them, too. Everyone was amazed as they watched Jesus with the people. They saw blind men and women see again. They laughed with lame people who could leap and jump again. The crowd saw mothers, fathers, and children well again. Everyone was helped. No one was turned away. You may also like to read, Birth Of Jesus.

let the children come to me

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When some of the mothers heard about Jesus, they wanted to see him, too. They wanted him to bless their children. The children were excited! They were going to see Jesus. Children everywhere loved Jesus. He smiled at them and spoke kindly to them. Also, he told them wonderful stories. He loved the flowers and other small gifts they brought him.

Soon, some of the mothers hurried through the town. They called to their friends, “Come with us to see Jesus!” Children told their friends and soon, many were hurrying to see Jesus. But the mothers with small children could not go very fast. It took time for the toddlers to walk. Finally, all the mothers and children reached the crowd around Jesus. They stood at the back trying to look over all the tall people in their way.

Some of the small children may have tried to crawl forward. But they could not get near Jesus. Everyone wanted to see him. It seemed as if everyone was pushing, trying to get nearer. The mothers felt as if it was hopeless. The mother led the children to the disciples. But, the disciples frowned at them. They shook their heads, “Go away! Can’t you see Jesus is busy? Can’t you see he’s tired?” Also, read Jesus Washes The Disciples Feet.

Suddenly, Jesus saw what was happening. “Wait!” he said, “Let thee children come to me. Don’t stop them! The Kingdom of God belongs to people who are like these little children.” The disciples and the crowd were amazed. The mothers and children hurried to Jesus.  He spent a long time with them.

He took the children onto his lap and blessed them. Maybe he told the mothers how much he loved the children. Maybe he talked about how they could raise their children to love God. Jesus was glad to talk to them. He always loves children and parents.

Here is a short visual depiction of “Let The Children Come To Me Story. See the video story below,

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