Mickey Mouse Bedtime Story

This is one of the mickey mouse bedtime story for kids. Mickey was a mouse. He had many toys. He used to spread them all around his room. “Mickey put your toys at their right place. Some guests are coming today,” said his mother. Mickey quickly started gathering his toys.

Minnie mouse was Mickey’s friend. She came running. He called Minnie inside and they started playing. “Hey Mickey! Let’s go out and play,” Minnie said. Mickey ran to play and told  Minnie to wait.  After some time, the guests came. “Come in Mickey! The guests are here,” said mummy. The guests brought gifts for him. “This is for you Mickey,” uncle said. Mickey said thanks to Uncle and Aunty.

mickey mouse bedtime story

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Mickey opened the gifts. It was a beautiful toy train. “Come Minnie, let’s play!” Mickey said. Uncle tumbled over a toy. He fell down. “Oooh! Aaaah!” Uncle cried in pain. “Mickey, look your Uncle could have been seriously hurt,” said the angry mother. Mickey held both his ears and said sorry to Uncle.

“That’s all right Mickey! Next time, remember to put your toys at the right place!” Uncle advised him. From then, Mickey Mouse always kept his toys at their places.