My Busy Body

This is one of the good short bedtime stories for kids. It was the middle of the night, Kyra was sleeping in her bed when she heard a funny noise. It sounded like someone was talking. She got out of her bed and turned on the light but no one was there. Confused, she turned off the light and went back to bed.

After some time, Kyra heard the voice again. This time, she lay still and listened carefully. “I’m the best,” it said then another voice said, “No, I’m the best!” The voices sounded like they were coming from right beside her head. “Hello!” Kyra called out, “who’s talking?”. “Sorry to wake you,” the voice said. “We were just discussing which of us is the best body part!”. “The best body part?” Kyra asked confused. Also, read The Little Match Girl Story.

good short bedtime stories

good short bedtime stories

Image “Yes,” said the voice. “I’m your ear and I think I’m the best! Your eyes disagree. They think that they are the best. Maybe you could decide which body part is the best.” Kyra thought it was weird that her body parts were talking to her but she decided to help them out. “Okay!” she said, “Each body part has to tell me why it is the best and then I’ll decide.”

“Great,” said the ear, “I’ll go first. I’m your ear! There are two of me. We’re the best because we help you hear. You can listen to music, you can hear people talk to you. You can even hear people tell you they love you. No one can top that.”

“We can top that,” Kyra’s eyes chimed in. “We help you to see. You can watch television, you can look at beautiful artwork. You can see the people and places around you. Without us, it would be difficult to see where you are and where you are going.” You may also like to read, A Frog Grows Up.

“Don’t forget about me,” grunted the nose. I help you smell. You can smell delicious cookies as they bake in the oven. You can smell pretty flowers in the spring.” “But the nose, all smells are not good though,” said Kyra’s mouth. “So, you can’t be the best, nose. I’m the best! I’m your mouth. I help you do a lot of things, I help you eat. I help you talk. I’m the most important.”

Then, the hands spoke up. “Without us, you could not get food to your mouth. You could not toss a ball. You could not pick up a book. We are most important,” the hands exclaimed. “Not as important as us,” cried my feet. “We help you walk, run, jump and get wherever you need to go. We are very important.”

“STOP!” Kyra shouted. “There’s no way I can possibly decide which body part is the best. You all are very important. I need my ears to hear, my eyes to see, my nose to smell, my mouth to talk and eat, my hands to pick things up and my feet to get where I need to go!”

“But surely one of us is more important than the other,” said the mouth. “No,” Kyra said, “You are all part of the same team. You each have an important part to play to help keep my busy body working. It’s time to stop arguing and start working together.” After a few moments, Kyra’s body parts stopped their grumbling. “She’s right,” said the ears. “There’s no I in a team. Let’s work together to make her the best girl she can be. Go Team Busy Body!” Also, read The Wise Little Girl Story.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the good short bedtime stories, “My Busy Body. See the video story below,

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