Noddy Goes To Toyland Story (Part-1)

This is the Noddy Goes To Toyland Story. In the woods near Toyland, Big-Ears was furiously riding his little red bicycle. He suddenly crashed into someone. Down they fell and the bicycle landed on them with a loud crash! Read more about Noddy here!

Big-Ears had big pointed ears and wore red-striped pants. He then saw who he had bumped into. “You’re a strange looking man,” Big-Ears told him staring, “What are you? You don’t look like a pixie or a brownie or a goblin.” Big-Ears was confused. He had not seen anyone like this little man. “No,” was all he said, nodding his head. Big-Ears then asked him if he was a toy? He again said no. The strange man’s head nodded again. Big-Ears was not sure what to make of this man. And he found his nodding head quite peculiar. He asked him, “Why do you nod your head when you say ‘No’?” You may also like to read, Finding Dory.

noddy goes to toyland

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The little nodding man then explained that his head was made out of wood. And it was attached to his shoulders in such a manner that it nodded when he spoke. The little man then added that it nodded even when he didn’t want it to.

Suddenly, a mouse ran past the little man. He became very scared. The little man asked Big-Ears who was that. “Is it following me?” He asked, frightened. Big-Ears said, “It’s just a field mouse. Is somebody following you?” The little man told Big-Ears that he had run away that is why he thought that somebody was following him.

“I belong to an Old-carver, who lives in the woods,” the little man told him. Big-ears was surprised and asked him why he ran away. The little man said that he became very lonely there. And also because the old man was carving a lion. “See, I do not like lions very much.” Out of curiosity, Big-Ears asked how he was made.

The strange man began his story, “He first made wooden feet and then wooden legs. Then the Old Carver made a round body of wood. And then arms and legs of wood too! Then a wooden neck and a round wooden head.” “What are your eyes made of?” Big-Ears asked.

The little man told him that the eyes were made of blue beads and his hair was made out of bits of fur. The had come from the Old Man Carver’s cat. Big-Ears was very amused at this. Big-Ears did not understand why the little man ran away. So he asked him why he chose to run. The strange man told him, “I want to go somewhere where there are lots of people! I want live with people.” You may also like to read about, Minions!

noddy goes to toyland

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Big-Ears told him that he was going to Toyland. Toyland was a place where all the toys lived together. Big-Ears told him, that since the little man wasn’t a brownie or a goblin, he would be welcomed there. Big-Ears also told the little man, that he could come with him to Toyland if he wanted to. “But I do not know the way,” the little mad said sadly.

Big-Ears told him not to worry as Big-Ears knew the way. If they hurried to the nearby station they could catch a train to Toyland. The little man was very happy. Then Big-Ears helped the strange man on his bicycle and told him to hold tight. Big-Ears paddled him a bicycle with all his might and raced towards the train station. The poor little wooden man almost fell off a few times.

While riding his bicycle, Big-Ears asked the little man what was his name. To that, the little man said he did not have a name! “I think your name is Noddy,” Big-Ears said after a lot of thought. “I think it is,” said Noddy happily.

Noddy and Big-Ears could hear the train whistling nearby. They hurried to the train station. Soon they rode into the station at top speed, just in time for the train. The train was thundering in. “All aboard for Toyland! All aboard for Toyland!” cried a voice on top of all the noise.