The Elephants And The Rats

This is one of the amazing Panchatantra stories for kids. Once, the elephants from the forest joined together and went in search of food to another place. While the elephants were traveling, many mice got killed under their feet. So, all the mice held a meeting. They decided to meet the head of the elephant to convey their fear and to bring a solution to this problem. Read more Panchatantra stories here.

Next day, the chief of the mice stood next in front of the elephants who were walking majestically. “Who is blocking our path? If you want to live, run away from here!” the chief of the elephants shouted in anger.

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Then, the chief of the mice answered, “Sir, don’t get angry! We are well known for your bravery throughout the world. I have not come here to disturb your journey by blocking your way, I have come here to tell about our fear of death. Many of our group mates died under your feet. So, if you can change the direction of your journey, we will be very happy. Can you please do it?”

“Our aim is not to destroy you all! We don’t mind changing our direction. Don’t worry! We will not bother you in any way,” said the elephant’s chief. All the mice were happy to hear that and said, “Thank You! We are very grateful to you. Instead of making fun of us, you have accepted our request. In return, we will help you when you will need us!” The mice went back to their places. The elephant found this very funny that how these tiny mice will going to help such gigantic animals. You may also like to read, Rabbit And Lion Story.

One day, as usual, the elephants went to have their bath in the lake. They were caught unexpectedly in the hunter’s net. Their trumpeting echoed throughout the forest. On hearing the noise, the mice knew that the elephants were in danger. So, all the mice ran towards the direction from where the sound came. The

The mice understood the suffering of the elephants and bit and tore the net with their sharp teeth and freed the elephants. The elephants thanked the mice for their help by shaking their trunks. The mice sat on the elephant’s back and played happily.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the great panchatantra stories for kids, “The Elephants And The Rats Story”. See the video story below,

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