Stuart Little Summary

Stuart Little is a mouse. He is four and a half inches tall. Even though he’s small, he still manages to get into all sorts of adventures! He used to live in an orphanage with lots of other kids. Mrs. Keeper took good care of all the kids there. She tried to find the perfect family and home for each child, including Stuart. More about, Stuart’s Adventures!

The trouble was that nobody wanted a mouse for a son until Mr. and Mrs. Little visited the orphanage. There were so many kids to choose from, but Mr. and Mrs. Little said that they looked at Stuart and just knew. Just like that, Stuart became Stuart Little. His parents took him to the most wonderful place in the world- his new home!

stuart little

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There, Stuart met his new brother, George, who wasn’t too happy to see him. I seemed as if George didn’t want a mouse in the family. And neither did Snowbell- the family cat. As soon as Sturt walked through the door, Snowbell tried to eat him up! Mr. and Mrs. Little tried to make Stuart feel at home. His room was all ready and was waiting for him. Everything was just a little bit big for a mouse which made things very tricky.

One morning, George accidently threw Stuart Little down the laundry chute with his pajamas. Stuart ended up in the washing machine. Luckily, Mrs. Little came at the right time and rescued him. Stuart Little was very wet and very clean mouse. Little by little, Stuart started to really feel like one of the family. And what a family it is!

All of the little relatives came to the party to meet Stuart. It was a fairy tale come true. Everything was going well except George! He still didn’t like Stuart. But, he did like to build miniature models and he had created an amazing miniature world in the basement. There was a train set, a Western Town, a miniature car and an incredible model sailboat called the Wasp.

George let Stuart help him finish building the boat and they entered it in the Central Park Boat Race. At the last minute, the boat’s remote control broke. Stuart sailed the Wasp and won the race. George had never been prouder of his new brother! Now, everything was perfect until Mr, and Mrs. Stout arrived.

They said that they were Stuart’s real parents and therefore they wanted to take Stuart with them. With tears in Stuart’s eyes, he packed his suitcase and left with the Stouts. Littles didn’t know that Snowbell and a mean group of alley cats had convinced the Stouts to lie. They were not his parents after all!

Mr. and Mrs. Little told police what had happened. It didn’t look like Stuart was ever going to see the Littles again. But, George didn’t give up. He plastered posters about Stuart all over the city. While Stuart left the Stouts and tried to escape the alley cats clutches and find his way home.

In the end, it was Snowbell who saved Stuart. He realized that Stuart was a true little Little after all, and he stood up to the alley cats and defended Stuart’s honor. Now, they are one big happy family! The Adventures Of Sinbad.