This is one of the inspirational short stories about life. The story is inspired by the true incident in the Brazilian Airlines. Once, an old white woman who was nearly 50 years old was traveling alone in the TAM Airlines in the economy class. As she was coming towards her seat, she saw the black man who was sitting next to her seat.

On seeing that, she lost her temper and called the air hostess angrily. “May I know what is the matter, ma’am?” asked the air hostess politely. “I have been given a seat next to the black man, can’t you see? I will not sit next to a black man. Change my seat as soon as possible!” the white woman shouted. You may also like to read, Anger And Love.

inspirational short stories about life

inspirational short stories about life

Image Source–> www.youtube.com. “Please, calm down, ma’am! Unfortunately, all the seats are reserved in this flight but I will still go and check on if we have any seat which is not occupied!” said the air hostess. The air hostess left quickly to check if they have any unoccupied seats.

After a couple of minutes, she returned to the white lady and said, “Sorry ma’am, but we don’t have any vacant seat in the economy class. Also, I spoke to the captain to confirm the availability of the seat, but none of the seats is available. We only have seats in the business class!”

Before the white woman could say anything, the air hostess added, “It is uncustomary for our airlines’ rules and regulations to allow a passenger from an economy class to change to the business class. Despite that, in such circumstances, the commandant believes that it would be troublesome to make a passenger travel sat next to the repulsive person.”

On hearing that, the white woman thought that the air hostess would offer her the seat in the business class. She was really happy and excited. Soon, the air hostess turned to the black man and said, “Sir, if you would be so nice to pack your bag pack, we have reserved a seat for you in the business class.” Also, read Story Of Two Seeds.

The black man was surprised to see that. He thanked the cast and crew of the flight for their kindness. All the passengers who were listening to their argument were in a great shock. The passengers could not hold themselves from applauding. Some of them were applauding standing on their feet.

We should not discriminate based on caste, color, and religion. Everyone is special in their own ways.