Shekh Chilli Story

This is the Shekh Chilli Story for kids. Once upon a time, a very long time ago, lived a man called Sheikh Chili. Now, he was a simpleton inside out. His innocence and foolishness made him a good company. Sheikh Chili was well-liked and loved by his friends. You may also like to read, The Arab And The Camel.

One day, a landlord summoned Sheikh Chili. Now this landlord was famous for his cheating nature. And Sheikh Chili was well aware of this, he still decided to go and see the landlord. “I have a job for you, Sheikh Chili”, said the landlord. “I want you to go out and count the number of houses in this village”. Then Sheikh Chili wondered why should he do so? So, he asked, “What will I get out of it?” The landlord smiled and said, “I will give a proper pay for your hard work. I will give you fifty paisa for every house you count!”

shekh chilli story

Shekh Chilli story

After putting some thought into it, the Sheikh agreed. “This sounds like a fair deal,” said he. Then the Sheikh left the landlord’s house. Without wasting another moment the Sheikh went to work. First, he counted the house by the lanes. Next, he counted the houses by the streets of the village. Now, the Sheikh worked hard from the afternoon to the evening.

After finishing his work, he went to the landlord in the evening. There, he received his pay and left. Sheikh Chili was quite happy with himself and the pay. When his friends saw him, they rushed to him. “Don’t you know that the landlord is famous for cheating others?” one of his friends asked. “Yes, yes, I am well aware of that. He did try to trick me. But I must say, I bested him!” His friends were shocked at the mere fact that this simpleton had managed to trick the landlord. “How so?” his curious friends asked.

“He had asked me to count the number of houses in this village, in exchange he was to give fifty paise for each house that I counted. So, I only gave him half the number of houses that I counted!” he laughed. The Sheikh’s friends had a hearty laugh at that. Because in the end, the Sheikh was nothing but a foolish simpleton! Also, read The Donkey In Lion’s Skin.