Sleeping Beauty Bedtime Story- Maleficent Returns

This is the Sleeping Beauty Bedtime StoryOne morning, Princess Aurora and her fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather prepared the palace for a party. It was Aurora and Phillip’s anniversary and Aurora couldn’t wait to celebrate it with the kingdom. “It looks wonderful! I think we’re just about done with the decorations,” she told the fairies. “No, not quite! We’ve still got to make everything pink,” replied Flora. “No, no, no! Make it blue,” said Merryweather. Aurora laughed.

“Whatever you say, my dears,” she said, leaving to check on the food preparations. Suddenly, a shadow darkened the palace. Merryweather and Flora rushed to the window. “Why it’s a solar eclipse,” Merryweather exclaimed, watching the sun duck behind the moon. “So it is. During solar eclipses, magic works in the most mysterious ways,” Flora said. “And sometimes even scary ways,” Merryweather said with a shudder. “Oh! I wouldn’t worry coming up behind them! With Maleficent gone, we have nothing to fear,” Fauna replied.

sleeping beauty bedtime story

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At that very moment, the darkness from the eclipse fell over Maleficent’s castle. A green light erupted from the windows and the stone raven perched on the balcony came to life. “Caw! Caw!” it screeched, flying inside to search for its mistress. Before long, the raven saw the source of green light. Maleficent’s staff was glowing. The raven pecked at the glass ball with its beak until the ball cracked. Suddenly, green smoke emerged, twisting and turning until it became Maleficent!

Suddenly, green smoke emerged, twisting and turning until it became Maleficent! “Come my pet, let’s see who is here to welcome our return!” she said to the bird. Maleficent searched her rooms and found them to be dark and empty. “It seems you are the only faithful servant,” she sighed. Maleficent used her magic staff to check on the rest of the kingdom and saw that everyone was gathered at the palace. Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora smiled, greeting their many guests. Maleficent’s eyes flashed with anger. “It seems we have much to do here!” she said.

In the palace, the anniversary party was in full swing and Aurora and Phillip were exchanging their gifts. “Oh my goodness! He is adorable,” Aurora said as a small puppy jumped into her arms. “Darling, I love it!” Phillip said as Aurora handed him a gleaming golden pendant with their portrait inside. Everyone cheered, ready to begin a hearty feast and an evening of dancing. You may also like, Disney Princess Aurora’s Story.

sleeping beauty bedtime story

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Suddenly, the loud screech interrupted the laughter and music. Green mist flooded into the room and Maleficent suddenly appeared. “I see I wasn’t invited to yet another celebration. Well, this will be the last!” Maleficent said, cooly. Maleficent raised her staff, “Fire and ice, moon and sun, turn skin and bone into cold, hard stone!” she bellowed. The green mist surrounded Phillip, the fairies, and the guests. They instantly turned into statues. Even a new little puppy became a stone figure. Aurora cried out in horror. Without the company of your loved ones, you’ll wither like a wilted rose, Maleficent sneered, leaving the palace in the one swift turn.

Tears fell from Aurora’s face as she looked at Phillip and the fairies. She didn’t know what to do. At that moment, Aurora’s animal friends from the forest rushed into the room. They’d been late to the anniversary party and had seen everything from the window. They tried to comfort Aurora. “Thank you, friends but I can’t stay here! I must go to Maleficent and break the spell somehow!” Aurora said.

Though her animal friends tried to stop her, Aurora ran out of the palace and toward the dark forest. As she got closer to Maleficent’s castle, black clouds formed in the sky and thorny bushes clawed at her legs. Aurora kept running, determined to save her kingdom. Also read, Ariel Short Story.

“Lonely already, my dear!” Maleficent cackled when the princess approached. “Maleficent, I demand you lift the curse on my people,” Aurora said. “Well, I couldn’t, even if I wanted to help you. A spell like that cannot be reversed!” Maleficent replied. “And if you turned me into stone instead?” Aurora asked. Maleficent was delighted and asked, “You would do that? Spend eternity as a statue so your friends and family would live?” “I would! But you must swear that they will awaken,” Aurora replied bravely. “I believe that can be arranged,” towering over the princess and lifting her staff into the air.

Aurora closed her eyes, bracing herself for the curse. But as soon as Maleficent uttered the words, there was a flash of light and a scream. Aurora watched in shock as the evil fairy changed into her dragon form and then disappeared altogether. Back at the palace, Prince Phillip, and others awoke. Worried that Maleficent had taken Aurora, Phillip rushed out of the castle to find his wife.

sleeping beauty bedtime story

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“Wait for us!” the three fairies called as they flew behind him. Suddenly, a familiar figure came running toward them. “Aurora! Are you all right? What happened?” Phillip cried. As Aurora explained everything, Flora smiled at her and said, “Your selflessness reversed Maleficent’s spell and rid the world of her once again. Remember, love is the strongest kind of magic!”

The group headed back to the palace. Soon everyone knew how Maleficent had been defeated and the kingdom cheered for their princess’s bravery. They resumed the party and continued the festivities late int the night, celebrating their courageous and noble leaders and their love for one another.

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