Willam Tell Story

This is the short story of William Tell Story. Once upon a time, in a small village in Switzerland, lived William Tell. He was a fine archer. William could shoot an arrow better than everyone in his village. At that time the village was ruled by a very cruel man. His name was Duke Gessler.

Duke Gressler treated the village people badly and made them pay high taxes. He punished anyone who questioned his ways. Duke Gressler hated William Tell. He did so because William was not scared of the Duke. William Tell was the only person in the village who stood up to the cruel Duke. You may also like, The Prince And The Bear.

william tell story

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William Tell lived in the mountains with his little son. He loved his son very much. Once every week, William went to the market to buy food. On one such visit, William saw something very strange. Right in the middle of the market, a pole stood with a hat on top. What was more strange that people were bowing to it. Upon finding it very strange, William asked why people were doing so.

“The duke has ordered us to do so,” he was told. Willam refused to obey the order. So William walked past the pole with his head held up high. He did not bow to the pole. His son walked with him. Soon, the news of William not bowing to the pole reached the Duke. He was furious. Duke ordered his men to arrest William Tell and so he was arrested and threatened by the Duke. Duke wanted to imprison him for his entire life!

William looked at the duke fearlessly. Still refusing to obey him. Duke Gessler was not happy, he wanted to scare William Tell. He wanted to see William shake with fear. So he thought of an evil plan. “You can go free on one condition,” he said to William, “If you cut an apple in two, from a distance of two hundred paces, I’ll let you walk free!”

William Tell’s eyes shone, he was confident he would be able to complete the task. Looking at William’s face , the cruel Duke laughed loudly, then said, “The apple will be placed on your son’s head!” William was very angry. He was afraid. William was unsure now, he loved his son more than anything in this world. The king had chosen William’s son because he knew how much William loved his son. The fear of hurting his son would scare William and he would miss. So Duke would be able to get rid of William easily!

william tell story

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“You can do it, father. Do not be frightened. I believe in you,” said the little boy. The boy’s trust gave William the courage he needed. The boy was tired to a tree and an apple was placed on his head. William Tell stood two hundred paces away with a bow and an arrow. He was very scared, but he knew that it was the right thing to do. His son stood very still. The little boy had faith in his father’s skills.

William reluctantly positioned his bow and arrow. Even though he was afraid, he courageously decided to prove the evil Duke wrong. The boy stood there like a statue. Finally, William shot his arrow. The arrow swiftly flew across the distance and cut the apple in half!

Upon seeing the apple cut in half, the crowd cheered loudly. William ran to his son. As he knelt beside his son, a second arrow fell out of his quiver. “Tell me, William, why do have two arrows?” The Duke asked angrily. “If I had hurt my son with the first one, I would have sent the other one straight through your heart!” He told Duke calmly.

William Tell then walked home with his son. And not long after that, William Tell did shoot the evil Duke and set his people free. Also read, Rikki Tikkki Tavi Story.


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