Smiley Shark

This is one of the best 5 minute bedtime stories for kids. Far away in a deep rolling ocean, lived Smiley Shark, smiliest and sunniest, the biggest and toothiest of all the fish. Every day, Smiley Shark watched the beautiful fish that dipped and dived, jiggled and jived, and darted and dashed with a splish and a splash. Also, read Bright Stanley.

Smiley Shark longed to splish and splash with the other fish. But whenever he smiled at them, they swam away. Smiley Shark swam up to Angelfish. “Will you play with me?” he asked. Angelfish shivered and shook, then SWOOSH. She raced away as fast as he could.

5 minute bedtime stories

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Puffer was blowing bubbles. “That looks fun!” laughed Smiley Shark. But Puffer blew himself up into a big spiky ball and pricked poor Smiley Shark on the nose. Starfish was twirling and whirling, dancing and prancing. “What fun!” giggled Smiley Shark. But Starfish twirled off across the ocean floor.

Smiley Shark showed his toothy smile to Jellyfish, Octopus, and Catfish. In a flash, they took off as fast as they could swim. “Everyone is scared of my big, white teeth,” wailed the Smiley Shark. He didn’t feel much like smiling anymore.

Twisting and turning, splashing and churning, the fish danced faster than ever . Smiley Shark watched over a distance. But this time, something was very wrong. All the fish were trapped! “Help!” cried the fish. “Please, help us, Smiley Shark!” Smiley Shark swam around and around the fisherman’s net. “What could he do? How can he help?” cried out other fish. The only thing Smiley Shark could do was SMILE! “Aahhhh!” screamed the fisherman dropping his heavy net into the waves. “I’m getting out of here,” he cried.

“Hurray!” cheered the fish. “We are safe! Thank you, Smiley Shark.” Now, far away in a deep rolling ocean, lived Smiley Shark and all his friends! Every day, they can be seen dipping and diving, darting and dashing, splishing and splashing and SMILING! You may also like to read, The Rainbow Fish Story.